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Regarding the two other type ratings:

I received the B737 type rating concurrently while I got the ATP. The B727 type rating got added on when I got the B707 type because the two are essentially the same aircraft apparently. So technically I only have time in type for the B707, but I figured the B737 type rating also showed motivation and ability to learn big airplanes even though I have no time in it.

Also, I didn't become an IP in the tanker since I went RPAs, but should I try to become and IP in the RPA? Would the airlines care at all about that? It seems like they don't care at all about RPA time so I figure they won't care about IP time in it either.

I won't be able to go back to the tanker prior to getting out of the AF either. By time I'm projected to go back, and finish requal training, and actually get to my next base, I'd be adding AT LEAST 1.5 years to my ADSC. I'd rather just spend that time at a regional getting part 121 experience and being a free human being.
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