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Originally Posted by BeatNavy View Post
Can you palace chase and go to a ANG/Res tanker squadron in say the next 6-9 months? Gets you current, gets you back in a heavy, would make regional life easier with mil leave options. Just a thought. Donít like the guard after you get there? Punch or get a non flying job to finish out.
I have definitely explored the palace chase/palace front option. However, I'm leaning against it for several reasons. I really want to cut ties completely with the Air Force. I want to serve out my time, honorably separate, and never have to think about the military again. I cherish my time in the military and all the amazing friends I've made, but I've given all I can give and I'm ready to move on to the next chapter, even if it means making slightly less money due to having to pay for health insurance, etc. Also, I don't want to have to commute to my Guard job while flying for the airlines. I'd rather just focus my time and effort on being the best pilot in whatever aircraft I'm flying for the regionals. Also, I've heard it makes airlines more comfortable if they know you're never going to drop mil leave on them. I understand it's illegal for them to not hire you for being in the Guard, but that doesn't mean they won't find another excuse to not hire you if they're on the fence, right?
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