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I've never heard any of our Union guys claiming that 400K, 500k, or even 600k is impossible at K4.

But let's have a quick math check.

Top rate at DOS+1 (I know, they're on DOS+2 now, but can't use those numbers until this time next year to make any claims) is $262.16, right? To have made $600k, that 12+ year 747 line captain would have to average 190 credit hours each month for 12 months. Pretty remarkable number there! But, impossible, even for only one? Who am I to say?

To have made $400k, that comes to 127 hours each month for 12 months. Also a pretty remarkable number, but certainly attainable in the 747.

But I am confident that it would be pert-near impossible for a K4 767 line pilot to have made $400k last year. Or this year, for that matter. Not while having a life as most of us would want it, anyway.

And, last I checked, ATI has less than 1 747.

Y'all just keep beating your chests. It's entertaining. And you have no idea what's going on over here.

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