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Originally Posted by HeisenbergBlue View Post
Hey if You can’t read and answer a question without adding your dislike and negative comments for the new contract, you can stop posting. It saves people a lot of time actually answering them correctly and without your crap attitude.
Because 5 or 4.5 years is not correct or a genuine answer. Just like our hopefull "effective payrates," right? Why can't you give a genuine answer as to the effective duration of this contract?

Sec 31 - Duration
Q: Why did we agree to a five-year term and when does our five-year term begin?
A: If ratified, the contract amendable date will be January 16, 2024 with an option for ALPA to open six months early on July 1, 2023. As depicted by one of the slides posted on the website, most other airlines will likely become amendable just ahead of us, and our goal is to take advantage of a favorable industry pattern, just as we did in this round of bargaining. In addition, by agreeing to a 5 year term, we were able to achieve 3% increases in the last 2 years of our Agreement, and we were also able to achieve an “extra” across the board increase, raising our total wages to a higher level when we next enter bargaining. Last but not least, with the implementation of PBS, which will require a significant amount of bargaining, our intent is to negotiate additional improvements over the terms of the contract, as has been the case at many other successful ALPA carriers. Negotiations that occur outside of Section 6 are positive for the pilots because favorable changes can occur sooner, and there is less to address when we actually open our negotiations under Section 6.
The first bolded is what ultimately concerns me about Frontier. You have to be ok with riding NK's coattails and not doing $h1t for the industry ourselves. While our management bargains in bad faith and takes the operation to the BRINK our MEC will take that opportunity to credit 100's of hours a month until the company has almost completely choked their goose that lays the golden eggs. Then Barry will saunter in and give us the lowest thing out there plus a little "effective."

Also, that's a very optimistic view of our PBS negotiations (arbitrations).
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