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Originally Posted by ReadyRsv View Post
It has nothing to do with the demographic. These job fairs are run by nonprofits geared towards aviation and use the money jobseekers pay to fund aviation scholarships, versus previous generations who had to pay for profit companies who may or may not have been run by less than reputable folks.

Now, airlines may not be inclined to hire people who WON'T go to a minority themed event because they may have a hard time fitting in with their colleagues when hired. IE: I don't feel comfortable at a female-centric conference... Well guess what, the UAL chief pilot is a woman.

I think you are sharing a lot of your opinion about these that “may” be factual, but is clearly biased.

When you say “airlines may not be inclined to hire......your are postulating that airline hiring is making assumptions about the character of yet unknown employee who didn’t attend a function for unknow reasons, such as schedule conflict, travel difficulties, budget, and attributing their non attendance as some sort of bias on the employees part. I think that is your fantasy and clearly prejudiced. I believe our recruiters and hiring board have a more mature and well advised grip on what makes a good employee.

Your anti-woman straw man is lame.
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