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Originally Posted by dudewannabe View Post
Hi Fellas,

Just a quick question to anyone who might be in the know. I want to jumpseat to Asia, specifically Hong Kong, with a small dog. My company doesnt allow this. Do you guys have any policy against such practice? Assuming all paperwork and requirements are met to import a pet to said country.

A few passenger airilnes do allow them in the cabin but my little guy is just 1 inch too tall and will not fit under the seat per the airline's criteria. Not sure if they'll be sticklers over this but looking around for Plan B just in case.

First of all, you do know that JS is a privilege, not a right? I would think that anyone with common sense would abstain from complicating things and pushing the issue, and “abuse” the use of the JS. Sometimes you gotta wonder 🤦 what this world has come to.
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