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As a guy who brought an Aussie puppy over back in April, I understand your desire to keep the pet with you and make it work. I don't think a jumpseat is a viable answer, and the potential legal disaster for the crew and airline when you get to Hong Kong would damage j/s arrangements for years to come. The dogs have to clear customs and go through the proper channels.

I used Cathay. The dog will NOT go to baggage claim, but will go to customs near the cargo ramp where they process animals. In my case, despite having been vaccinated for rabies and microchipped, the customs vet or vet tech gave the dog ANOTHER shot and another microchip? Why? Dude--its China. They do whatever they want... Dog was no worse for wear, however, and after leaving a deposit to register his complaint about the indignity we loaded up and went home uneventfully.

Its not a cheap process, but I got the vibe Cathay does this all the time and they seem good at what they do. Good luck with your move.
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