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Originally Posted by scrupulous View Post
For a guy working at FedEx now, you really seem to be spending a lot of time fixating on Atlas forums for your short touch and go here. I'm jealous actually. It took two moon shots and three thousand hours PIC in type to get a job interview in my day. Things have changed and here we are.

Are the boys at FedEx not treating you to your expectations of your perceived skill set?

Enjoy the pay and bragging rights. Remember that a large number of us don't get to participate.
I'm still rooting for ALL of you (you included). Go look at your 767 list and tell me that my post doesn't contribute to the conversation. When I left it was approaching 65% Captains and I'd imagine it's gotten worse... You're on the 747 and are very senior so you might not have looked at it.
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