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Originally Posted by scrupulous View Post
Just curious if they have already capitulated to our exiting felon-in-chief like you and our ExCo or if you are just pretending in Southerns leadership's absence here?
Felon-in-chief, huh? That is right, he made a mistake almost 30 years ago. Fell from one of the most coveted jobs in aviation. Found himself at rock bottom without anything and fought his way back to the top. The underdog comeback story in aviation if there ever was one. BTW, he has never hid from any of it and has always owned up to it while always pointing the finger at himself for the mistake that cost him everything.

Conversely, you have never done a ******** thing worthwhile in your entire life but try and tear down people on an anonymous forum. I bet every disappointment that defines your life is everyone else's fault but your own. You create lies of grandeur to pretend to be someone you are not and never will be. Enjoy your ordinary life.
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