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Originally Posted by KC135 View Post
This. It's an unfair system but this is reality. I'm not saying you won't ever get a major interview but it's just easier for HR to pull from one of the 10k apps on file without that box checked. Are you okay with the possibility of finishing out your career at a regional? Making low six figures and eventually getting 18 days off at a regional would still beat 95% of other non flying jobs out there in my opinion. That's the worst you could plan for and hopefully be pleasantly surprised with a lot more. Also, I would recommend a regional with flow so you don't have to stress about getting a mainline interview.

I think this would have been EXCELLENT advice, even five years ago. But the times, as Bob Dylan once said, they are a changing.

It won't be long before not even the legacies will be able to computer sort apps without having a human look at them. Just too many retirements and too few in the applicant pool. And yes, I know, the big six are all going to have six times the applicants they will truly need to fill their vacancies. Problem is that each of those applicants is going to have six apps out too - one to each of the big six.
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