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Default Atlas hiring

From their new profile posted today:


>Apply with Atlas Air, Inc.

Contract became amendable September 2016.

>Apply with Atlas Air, Inc.

Atlas has filed a lawsuit against their pilots in regards to the merger and negotiation process.
On the labor negotiations front, and as the Union has already reported, both the Company and the Union have agreed on a protocol agreement that clears a path for direct negotiations for a single labor contract covering both Atlas and Southern crewmembers. The framework agreement is in place and will commence on July 6, 2017. We have dates set through the end of the year as we jointly work toward a successful contract.
.....And the reason I would want to work for a company that is suing its pilots is...?

And that has been stalling on a new contract since July 2017?


During training pay is $1600.00 per month plus per diem of $2.40 an hour until leaving MIA

Plan on 4 Months at $1600 a month, due to OE being backed up

First year pay begins upon completion of OE or four months from hire date, whichever occurs first.

First year Guarantee is only 50 hours.

All travel and hotels to and from your base is imputed and taxed on your monthly pay statements.

Average crewmember monthly imputed income total - $410. The tax impact is dependent on where the crewmember lives and the number of exemptions that they claim for withholding purposes. This program is voluntary and a benefit, crewmembers can opt out.

Monthly guarantee: 62 hours

Reserve guarantee: 62 hours
And the reason I would want to work for a company that pays me less than a regional pays a starting FO during training and during their first year is...? And not a heck of a lot more afterwards ...?

And please don't tell me it's for the hours of SIC time, because there aren't that many work hours, let alone FLYING and even those will need to be split with the OTHER FO(s) on the trip.

So what is supposed to attract me to Atlas?
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