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Originally Posted by Ducttape View Post
Your dues don’t go to the PAC, so your “point” is specious.

You said...

With these massive increases in salaries ALPA is raking it in and I can’t stand for a Union where, most Pilots I talk to, are conservative and this Union is giving freely to Democrats... again WTF

The irony is incredible. Many of the high paid ALPA employees are union represented, as their pay is negotiated as part of a CBA. Would you rather the people representing our Union to not be a part of a union? You don’t want their union to be able to negotiate a fair wage for their work?

You see the irony of that, being that we are no different when asking for the same with our management counterparts?

As for your random 1.2% max union rate and bonuses not subject to dues, since you pulled that from nowhere, it’s not worth discussing.

Remember it was your republican representation that axed the union dues tax write off.
Without a national seniority list none of this matters.

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