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Originally Posted by MostlyHarmless View Post
At least that's how they said it should be when I joined.

In reality it quickly became go to work, fly back and forth, spend the night at an outstation. Then wake up, fly all day, and spend another night in the outstation. Then wake up and if you're lucky fly a half day and go home- or fly all damn day and spend another night in the outstation. Then maybe fly half a day and go home. Drop off dry cleaning, pick up dry cleaning, sleep, repeat.

As a low seniority guy at ATL, you might expect to get sent to PIT and BOS when the need arises. (And MSS is no fun this time of year....)

Once you go home, how many days off do you typically get before you go back to work? A while back I read that the schedules are usually 4on/3off with a minimum of 12 days off, so not sure if this has changed.
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