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Originally Posted by Flytolive View Post
You ought to take your own advice. 48% of ALPA-PAC's 2016 and 45% of ALPA-PAC's 2018 election cycle election contributions were made to Republicans and none of those PAC funds come out of dues.

So, it turns out your 'beliefs' "couldn't be further from the truth!"
LOL my beliefs are outside of union propaganda. ALPA, APA, IBT are directly sponsoring democratic congressional leaders. You can look any congressman up and find out who sponsors them and how much money is given and that’s only the published info... I’m not talking about election campaigns. The point is that your money coming from your paycheck in the form of “union dues” goes towards political funding without your input.

“None of those PAC funds come out of dues”

Sorry to inform you, but this has been debunked years ago through multiple media sources.

Unions in the 21st century do not exist solely for their member’s interests.
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