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There are many things that technology cannot solve in 121 Flying. Everything from the managerial decisions that a captain makes to get a flight out on time to manually lowering the landing gear to smelling fumes before the gauges give you the bad news to the walk around to see if ice is on top of the wings etc. Some of these issues arenít technological and canít be solved with technology. This wonít happen anytime soon.

But to take a different tack...remember that technology and its exponential growth will affect everyone, not just a specific job. Doctors, accountants, pharmacists, even models and actors Iíve read. Iíve read stuff saying coding will eventually fall to AI. Each revolution takes shorter and shorter. Right now we spend most of our time at a Ďjobí to pay for the necessities in life. This is a relatively recent phenomena. How we occupy our time and pay for things will probably change in the future, if we donít annhilate ourselves first.
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