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Default North Dallas Flight Schools

Also posted also in the Part 91 Section, reposting here as this may be a more appropriate forum section.

I’m a United pilot mentoring a family friends son who would like to get his Private and possibly all his ratings. I live up in the NE, so I’m not familiar with local Dallas flight schools.

He lives very close to Addision airport, but my quick review of schools at Addision appear to be very expensive with newer aircraft and high instructor rates. We are trying to find a good local flight school up to an hour driving time from Addision (Part 61 or 141) that has classic (non glass) 172’s, Cherokee’s or even 152’s, well maintained and offer good flight instruction at reasonable aircraft and instructor rates.

We would sincerely appreciate if anyone familiar with the airports and good flight schools within an hour drive of Addision could post on this thread.

Thank you in advance!
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