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I have a few openings for the month of February and would like to invite you to Miami for an in person interview if you are available. The dates are February 26th or 27th.

The interview is a one-day process from 8am-5pm on the day you chose. If any of the above day’s works for you, please feel free to email me back with a confirmation of a date to lock you in.

If the above dates does not work provide me with dates that will work best for you in the near future and we can see you at our New York headquarters or our MIA office.

Air travel and accommodations are not provided for.
I applied about 4 years ago and never got a reply then this unsolicited email showed up in my inbox today. Looks like they are spamming anyone who ever applied.

This is almost as good as Mesa who hired me without even an interview.

I'm out of the game due to family issues, so I couldn't take the offer even if I wanted it.
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