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Originally Posted by Flyby1206 View Post
I am genuinely torn on whether a domestic network could thrive without a mid-america hub. Something like the A220 will definitely bring better CASM and open up smaller midwest cities, but how will a passenger get from Spokane to Jacksonville efficiently? GEG-SEA-FLL-JAX? Ick.

Without a mid-america hub would the B6/AS networks just be operating independently of each other? What "synergies" (gag me) would there be? Maybe you're right that we don't need any midwest presence because there is no money to be made.
Mid-america hub? Why?

How much originating traffic comes from a mid-america hub? If we are talking a global airline perhaps but how much travel and connections ACTUALLY come from the middle of the country? Without digging into traffic reports it doesn’t make a ton of financial sense. The census bureau statistics indicate future population growth comes from South America focusing on that direction seems more logical.
If you look at ORD or IAH the land was cheap and terminals were built therefore feeding traffic through there to get else where but not because those cities population centers travelled. Just an opinion.
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