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Originally Posted by Bluedriver View Post
The mid-continent population centers do have tremendous amounts of O&D, both business and leisure. Delta prints money in MSP, and DEN and Chicago are very hotly contested hubs for a reason. In addition to O&D it creates lucrative connection opportunities that just don't exist without one.

Just my opinion of course.
I see your point but I guess my argument is where are those pax going? They’re flying out of ORD/DEN to get somewhere right? Can jetblue just fly from JFK to those cities without having to spend all the resources building a new base? A ton of flying out of those cities is regional anyhow isn’t it? And the wide body flying is bringing in connectors to then go outside the US. Simply fly from FLL/JFK/BOS to those smaller cities and you have e the same set up. Otherwise your mid-America hub simply flies people from smaller cities to the hub and then what?

What do I know. Just my thought.
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