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I'm sorry to hear about your job. Hopefully you have enough savings to finish your commercial and tide you over for a few months.

Until you hit 500 hours, there aren't many "guaranteed" jobs available at the moment. If you can get your CFI, I would go that route and instruct until you have at least 500 hours. There seems to be tons of people looking to hire CFI's right now. I'm currently working on my CFI certificate in my spare time (I work full time in a non-aviation career), and plan on quitting and becoming a CFI at some point in the future.

If you can't/don't want to get your CFI and/or instruct (it's not for everybody), and you have less than 500 hours, your options are pretty limited (aside from networking your way into a niche gig, but don't count on that). You can tow banners (kind of a flying circus, but looks fun), you can do aerial surveying (but even these jobs are getting competitive these days), you can fly sky divers (but most companies want 500 hour TT or 25 hours in a 182), or you can do aerial tour kind of stuff (like in the Grand Canyon or another touristy area). You may be able to get hired to fly right seat for a 135 operation, but these jobs seem to be getting more competitive, and the rules as to how/when you can log time from the right seat in a single pilot airplane are kind of if-fy. If you go this route, make sure you read up on what's loggable time.

You're really better off sucking it up and getting your CFI. There is no minimum flying time required for CFI. It is "to proficiency", so if you do it right, you can minimize your air time, and keep the costs. Also, passing on your first attempt will save you money as well.
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