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Originally Posted by CaptainDooley View Post
Thanks for all the replies.

So normally at my airline it would be 2 CAs and 2 FOs, but we currently have a shortage of FOs.
The CAs get right seat qualied at initial, but one of the CAs said he had recently done his PC and they did not do anything in the right seat. So we are thinking he was now not qualified to take off or landing in the right seat.

FYI- 121.509 says the duty limit for 4 pilot crews is 20 hrs, so that is not a contract thing.
Captains can also complete their right seat currency during their 6 month PT vs. their PC.

Not all “heavy crews” fly under 121.509. The company may choose to operate under the similar Supplemental reg of 121.523 with a 30 hour duty limit (K4), under Flag rules 121.485, or under 117 which is an entirely different animal.
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