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Originally Posted by Locke View Post
If you read 121.513 it says in place of the flight time limitations in 121.503 through 121.511 a certificate holder conducting supplemental operations may elect to comply with the flight time limitations of 121.515 and 121.521 through 121.525 for operations conducted (international blah blah)

Then go to 121.523 Crew of three or more pilots and additional airmen AS REQUIRED
(C)no certificate holder conducting supplemental operations may schedule any flight crew member to be on continuous duty for more than 30 hours.

That as required part covers the fact that very few people fly with FEs or Navs anymore. Its just a crew of 3 or more pilots.
The FAA has a legal interpretation letter that says an Airline must state which set of rules they choose to operate under when using 121.513.
My airline has it in the FOM that we use 121.503-511,
so in our case 20 hrs is the max duty for a heavy crew and can not be extended.

I talked with one of our CAs, he said he just did recurrent sim and they did not give him a right seat checkout. So, I would say he is not current to fly a heavy crew flight , unless he is the PIC.
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