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Originally Posted by Mox Nix View Post
No, itís one certificate. It says FLIGHT INSTRUCTOR. The certificate number is the same as your pilot certificate number, followed by the letters CFI. And on the back, in the Ratings section it says Airplane Multiengine and Instrument Airplane. Iím in the same boat (and thereís probably a lot more of us).

So he doesnít ďonly have a CFIĒ.

We military guys with only (or mostly) multi-engine time are oddballs, esp with the Mil Comp flight instructor certificate. Itís another example of how online application algorithms with all the boxes to check donít really capture the whole picture... or they can lead to these kind of contradictions.

So I donít know the answer. Anyone have a clue as to how the FedEx hiring folks expect this to be answered?
Ok...sure go ahead and say you have them when you donít. That should make for a fun interview. Thatís three separate checkrides you have to take for those certs.
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