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Originally Posted by Fit4Doody View Post
Ok...sure go ahead and say you have them when you donít. That should make for a fun interview. Thatís three separate checkrides you have to take for those certs.
OR, you could follow the military competency process spelled out in FAR 61.73(g) and obtain a certificate that says FLIGHT INSTRUCTOR, with a certificate number xxxxxxxCFI. No extra checkrides required, other than the ones already accomplished to obtain a military instructor qualification.

Yes, it's semantics. Yes, it may be discussed in the interview, and yes, we all want to be honest. Which is why recut was asking the question of what HR and the application website really wants to see. Many of us would like to know too.

I'm not arguing with you, but I am expressing the frustration we all have with the silly computer algorithm-based application process as to which boxes are supposed to be checked. Not everyone fits into the same mold that the application is designed to expect.
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