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well, that's exactly what you got! You have a CFII and MEI. You can teach in a multi-engine airplane, students for private, commercial and instrument etc...You can't teach in a single-engine airplane, because you don't have an instructor rating for it (with your CFII, you can teach instruments in a sim, even if it represents a single-engine a/c).
Your situation is not different from someone who gets his MEI as his first instructor license, then the CFII and never adds the single-engine CFI.

This is the frustration...the loose terms. I have a CFI which is my certificated flight instructor certificate. Even on the FAA pilot registry i show ATP and CFI. My ratings on my CFI are instrument airplane and airplane multiengine. No, I canít instruct on single engine unless I get a single engine add on. You donít get additional flight instructor certificates though......a CFI is a CFI. CFI does not mean single engine to the FAA.

The burning question is what FedEx calls it and what they want us mil comp dudes to answer. Hoping a FedEx guy/gal might be able to chime in. Like Mox Nix alluded to itís not a contest- Most of us donít instruct on the civilian side anyway. But we canít lie on the app and just ignore our instructor ďstuffĒ. I wish they had their definitions on the application.

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