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Originally Posted by stabapch View Post
Why are vaccine manufactures federally protected under law against lawsuits from patients that have endured life threatening injuries/death as a result of vaccination?

Why does the country with the greatest healthcare system in the world have the sickest population?

Why is every other person on some kind of pharmaceutical drug?

Why is a 5 year old kid who chooses not to pay attention to something in school diagnosed with ADHD and put on medication immediately?

Why does the US have the largest depressed population and suicide rates in the world?

Why have there been so many “conspiracy theories” in the past that have just coincidently turned to “conspiracy facts?”

Define what a “conspiracy theorist” is?

Because everything is for profit. Any discussion on just about any subject, including those involving life and death, begin and end with the economics of it.
This is one of the deepest pathologies of our culture.

The line between Govt., especially elected officials, and the private sector is largely invisible. While in theory any regulatory agency works for the public good, in practice they have to answer to higher ups who have heavy influence from large capital. It is usually the small business types in just about any endeavor who endure most of the regulatory pressure. Partly because they have fewer resources to fight back with, and partly because of the power wielded by the larger companies that compete with the little guys.

As long as Capital has the power/influence that it currently has, there will be little change beyond cosmetic.
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