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Originally Posted by MaxQ View Post
As long as Capital has the power/influence that it currently has, there will be little change beyond cosmetic.
The problem is that the alternative is to give the power to (self elected) people who's motivations are not primarily money... those kind of people generally suck at managing an economy and eventually get around to establishing police states and wholesale mass murder to retain their power. That naturally further depresses the economy... but all for the good of the people of course.

While there's a relationship between money and power, the money game is generally a lot more enjoyable for all concerned than the power game. With capitalism you can still have some "socialist like" protections built into the system so it's not too hard on the losers. But it's not practical to make everyone the same... the winners need an incentive to put in the effort to win.

Communism was a neat theory in 1850, it was tried and failed miserably due to the fundamental nature of power, and human nature. No need to try again any time soon. PRC is the best example, but it's still a totalitarian state with clear winners and losers.
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