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Originally Posted by schuerleinb View Post
Does anyone have any info on Life South. They are the Blood supplier in the southeast and i know they fly a Caravan around. Any info on hiring mins or where to look?
Great operation. That caravan flies 363 days a year, 8 hours a night throughout Florida, Georgia, and Alabama in all weather. Single pilot operation, 90% night flying. Based in Gainesville, FL and all hiring is done from within/their flight school. PM if you have specific questions.

My last night in that plane I logged 8.2 hours with 6 approaches to minimums, and 7.0 IMC. Learned an incredible amount about instrument flying during my time there, nothing but great things so say about it. Those long nights helped me so much with the transition to the airlines; it also gave me a few good stories to tell during the interviews.
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