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First, I'm not feeling an "attitude". So, if I'm coming across that way, I apologize. I'm just trying to help and disseminate information on an observed problem. I'm passionate about enforcing our contract and it's frustrating to see anyone give up our contractual rights out of ignorance, apathy or being bullied by scheduling. Reading "VIPS box checking" into our current CBA language based on past practices is a mistake, IMO. There is clear language that spells out when a pilot is no longer to be considered deviating and what services he is afforded after that point.

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I'm simply pointing out that the contract does state that you must notify the company at least 60 hours prior of your intentions to deviate. We do this by clicking the appropriate boxes in VIPS.
Yes, I understand this. And I'm trying to point out that we have moved from an old "deviate = you're on your own" black and white CBA language to a CBA with Final Check-in options prior to arrival in the revenue city that have nothing to do with how we notify the company of our intentions to deviate.
There is a lack of awareness on the part of scheduling (intentional or not I can't say) and obviously some of our pilots as well concerning this new option. I'm sure it's easy for anyone to fall into the old interpretation especially if they haven't read the CBA section carefully or encountered this situation yet.

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I was stating that we should educate pilots on the proper way to deviate if you want to avoid hassles with scheduling. If you want to check all of the boxes when you deviate and push the press to test button, go for it. I hope you don't have any issues, but if you do, then grieve it.
Exactly what I'm trying to do. If anyone can make their deviation happen without checking all the boxes, that's definitely the best option. However, plans change and all I'm trying to do is make sure we enforce our contract, pilot's don't accept the standard CRS mantra and make sure crew control is fulfilling their responsibilities to pilots who encounter deadhead issues after their Final Check-in.

Originally Posted by pinseeker View Post
And if you think that contract language is so simple, you are truly naive. You simply took a passage from the contract and said this is what the contract means. I attempted to point out that the contract also has other language requiring pilots to notify the company in advance of their deviation intentions. If you tell them the wrong thing through VIPS, so sorry. Now, go check that attitude you have.
The contract language is very simple. I'd be naive if I assumed that language is going to preclude a scheduler from trying to shift responsibility for a blown deadhead schedule to an unwitting pilot. If you want to make it more complicated than it is, that's your option.
Yes, we notify the company of our intentions to deviate. That has nothing to do with when and how we choose to do our Final Check-in. That was the whole point of this new change to the CBA. It allows us to deviate until completing our Final Check-in, then sit on the scheduled DH flight next to a pilot who didn't deviate and be afforded the same protections he gets when things go bad. I would hope that no one willingly gives up those protections. Cheers.
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