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Originally Posted by kevbo View Post
Ailerons an spoilerons do a much better job at high AOA. Many pilots would be better off engaging the gust lock and drinking some coffee instead of trying to fight an upset situation.
Ailerons (or spoilers for that matter) for the transport category aircraft that stall near the tips first and may be experiencing slideslip from yaw to further decay the AOA? During the extended envelope training a key point was made that reducing the AOA and unloading the aircraft had been "washed out" of training over the years, to the point where when wings drop people were trying to "ride the shaker" and force the wings back up with rudder an ailerons, never correcting the AOA issue in the first place, either at all, or to the extent necessary, given the very gradual C/L curve of transport category wings (not shaped like your GA Cessna). I don't agree about doing nothing, that gradual curve where the slope is nearly flat has caused a lot of "not sure what is going on?" situations due to not actively reducing AOA. A lot of those "wild ride" stall/yaw incidents were due to never (significantly) reducing the AOA.
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