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Originally Posted by oldcarpilot View Post
What is a ballpark credit for a 737/320 for you guys? And how many days off work is that?

I am relatively new so everything I say could be wrong so someone please correct me if I am wrong.

It depends. Are you junior or senior? The Line Construction Window can be from 76-90 depending on the month. Senior folks are generally going to bid low credit and that means the junior people in seat will be stuck with 90hr lines. 90 divided by 5.5hrs a day = 16 days of work. We have a average calendar day of 5.25 so it wont ever be more than 17 days of work.

Sounds bad right? It really isnt because of a variety of factors. Seniority in the junior bases (LAX, LGA, MIA) is moving really fast. It doesnt take long to be not junior. This past summer I had 3 straight months of 20 days of work each month (pre-average calendar day) BUT was able to trade down/drop trips so I ended up working way less than that. I wasnt sweating pay on Year 1 rates so if I remember correctly it was something like June: 11 days, July 7 days, August: 14 days. In July I had dropped down to 5 days and then actually picked up a trip to get me 7 days. That was the peak flying season as a junior lineholder. I couldnt have been anymore junior. I didnt get paid crap though, something like 60hrs in June/Aug and maybe 45 in July, I didnt care. My kids knew my name when they went back to school and we had a great summer.

The pbs bidpack publishes the average daily credit per airframe/seat/base and it is generally: 5.5 for narrowbody. Lowest is 5.4 at one of the bases. None are higher than 6

Thats all I know
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