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Originally Posted by zerozero View Post
Per the Chairman's Update sent out today, apparently he's not "walking back" any statements. He's standing by those comments, firmly, and rightfully so.

A whole lot of us have been warning management for the last three years that if they continued on their "growth at any cost" track that someone would indeed pay the ultimate price.

And sure enough, the prophecy was fulfilled. Let's pray and WORK together that this doesn't happen again soon.

Let's face it, nothing, nothing at all, has changed at Atlas/Southern in the last two weeks. The same management culture; the same training dept; the same unbridled growth is all still set in place.

This has been, and continues to be a recipe for disaster. Straight up. No bu!!54!t.

Hate to tell you this, but this has been a regular chant from every carrier's union over the decades before I even came here let alone my previous ones during contract talks. Yes, this time BK ran his mouth earlier on and this misfortune happened for yet to be determined reasons. It still fits his past pattern which requires the union's legal dept. to not allow recordings of meetings for non-attending members, him and the 1224 President shutting down crew communications on an official union site long ago, moving communications to an unrecognized site by the union legal dept such as facebook claiming no responsibility for it and numerous etc's like to denigrate and dissuading those coming here as noted on many threads here and internally via P2P.

I have no love for the company and have been a long time union participant until BK, but we are also to blame for the route we have taken during this time as much as the company.

Lets hope it doesn't happen again.
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