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When will the US wake up to realize the FAA does not effectively manage the aircraft certification process and is damn near useless?

The manufacturers get it right, or they don't. The Gulfsteam G650 serves as an excellent example. The NTSB uncovered all kinds of absolute garbage where effectively, the airplane was being certified by the marketing dept.

The NG turned the secondary pitch controls into kinda the primary pitch control. Even the autopilot has to "trim bias" to flare. Then they added huge nacelles way forward of the CG which destablizes the jet at high AOA and stick an AOA pusher on it to fix what amounts to bad aerodynamic design. The pusher dorks up and guess what, it is hard wired to the most powerful pitch control the jet has and it does not lock itself out with pressure on the control collumn.

This is work around bull effluvia in the same style as Douglas. ... The MD90 ended up with a different pitch control system than the MD83.

Me thinks this does not get unscrewed with a few lines of code. It is the size, shape and power of a jet which has an elevator fitted in 1966 which controlled a thing with about 30,000 lbs of thrust. Now with twice the power and three times the passenger load it's just been stretched beyond it's design.
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