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Default Hello

Hi guys and gals.
I am a pvt pilot approx 450 hrs. Haven't flown in a while as life tends to get in the way, plus i had an heart attack in 2008.

I am in battle with the FAA to reinstate my third class medical certificate. Making me jump through hoops for sure but I am like a jackass with three feet in the cement. I will win this war.

I know I am not in your league, just want to read and learn from you. I have not been in the left seat for 20 yrs, got a lot to catch up on.

My first plane was a Cessna 150, got my ticket with it, sold that one, purchased a 172, flew the pants off that. Flew sky divers with a newer model 182.

Purchase a Citabria, had a ball, sold that bought a J3 and a Champ.

So here I am.
Thanks for letting me in.
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