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Originally Posted by CanWeGetTheLeft View Post
Flyboy68, you have a toxic and entitled attitude. And whenever somebody calls you out on it, you react by telling them that itís their problem and accusing them of being a snowflake.

Quite frankly I donít think I would want to share a cockpit with you in either seat. You are a violation (at best) looking for a place to happen.
How exactly am I entitled? Seriously, how am I coming off as entitled? Because I don't want to wait years to upgrade? Who in their right mind wants to wait years if you meet the requirements?

I gladly accept constructive criticism, but all these jerkoffs offer are insults. How am I toxic? Because I defend myself from insults?

My personality on message boards have absolutely nothing to do with how I handle myself in the cockpit, so your comment about "a violation" is asinine.
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