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Originally Posted by DontLookDown View Post
I’m sure that if you have identical flying experience when compared to another candidate who did non aviation work before training, you would have the advantage.

If that other candidate is a CFI, and you bought your experience, not than you are not identical
Not identical, sure. I think the question then essentially comes down to does every thing else I have balance the lack of a CFI cert out?

Regional wise or corporate wise, I doubt I’d have any problems getting hired someplace reasonable at ATP minimums whether I had my CFI or not.

Major wise is obviously a different story and the question then becomes how much would a typical hiring panel weigh a CFI certificate vs an Aviation Safety Masters, 8 years of 121 safety experience, and a dispatcher certificate. Certainly I can get the CFI and add that extra “check mark” on top of what I already have, I’m just not seeing it as 100% necessary for being competitive at a major with what I already possess. I also “may” have the option of applying for “another” job at the airline I want to work, then trying to transfer internally as a pilot when the opportunity arises, and although while this strategy isn’t infaliable, I’ve personally witnessed some reasonable success. (This, and having the added advantage of existing industry contacts, is what I meant when I said my experience may give me some unique advantage).

The main reason I see for getting my CFI is the obvious cost savings and the fact that it can help make me a better pilot. Not saying that I can’t better myself flying around on charity trips and random cross countries though either... I’m leaning towards the CFI right now, but wouldn’t take the lack of one to be the death blow for my future at a major.

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