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Originally Posted by musclehamster View Post
Whats up Gents,

Writing to you as a former employee of TOA. I've read what you've had to say above and I agree with some of the statements regarding the pay. Yes a Part 135 IFR Amphib Captain should absolutely be making 90K a year hands down. That is what Shoreline and Fly the Whale are paying and if they want to be competitors thats easily something they need to do.

With regards to management, the guys are honestly great. Their C.O.O. Chief Pilot and Director of Operations are top notch dudes. Even Rob is a great guy. He has this don't give up mentality and drive which is honestly awesome comparable to all others out there who just may give up when the cards aren't in their favor.
Sure theres some issues with other aspects of the company but what 135 operation doesn't have those issues. The company is growing rapidly but it's honestly a good group of guys to work for. Yes the pay does need to increase but the workload is honestly not that bad. If you signed up for a 135 you should know what youre going to get. Long hours (some days its less than 2 hours flying on a 6 hour duty day), but thats what a 135 job is.

For someone that wants an opportunity to fly floats (as a 2 pilot crew as they do on all legs) it's fun and you get to see some amazing places. The PICs are all pretty good, some teach different than others. I recommend 3 gentleman, Tony, Will and Nano . They are all amazing captains and have a lot of experiance. Learn from them as they are awesome teachers and have a lot of good seaplane techniques they can teach you.

Yes I would recommend this company to a friend.
Hello sir, I was looking at a few good places to fly sea planes in south Florida, however Im not sure where to go. I wanted a good place I can fly but do you know how the contract works at TOA? Also if you decide to leave early can you terminate the contract and just pay the fee? Would appreciate any info you have on this and also if they are willing to sign FOs without a contract! Cheers
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