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Default 30 in 168 Rest

I am trying to figure this out and am getting more and more confused (my natural state as of late ).

I started SC last Sunday at 1000 and have been on duty straight through with no 30 hour break. I was just assigned another SC for tomorrow (Friday) at 1000 and was curious as to how long they can use me.

FAR 177 says this:

“30-in-168” Before beginning any reserve availability period (RAP) or FDP, a pilot must have received
at least 30 consecutive hours free of duty within the 168 consecutive hours (seven 24-hour periods)
immediately preceding the start of the RAP or FDP.

So do I go back to 30 hours prior to starting SC at 1000 on Sunday, which would be 0400 of last Saturday and go forward 168 hours?

If so, starting at 0400 on Saturday and going forward 168 takes me until this coming Saturday at 0400. What confuses me is the verbiage "... preceding the start ...." Do I need to be finished by this time or can I start a trip up to this time?

I think I am good to start a duty period tomorrow since I meet the 168 hour look-back but could not fly on Saturday. I guess they could fly me somewhere tomorrow and DH me home on Saturday.

I called DALPA earlier today- got the voicemail and they blew me off all day.

I called scheduling talked to two different schedulers, neither of which could give me drop dead time but both assured me the WOPR would flag any illegal assignment.

Any FAR 117 Ninjas out there?

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