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Your last 30 hours of rest began at 4am Saturday morning. Your FDP needs to begin NLT 0400 the next Saturday (tomorrow). Practically speaking this is what they could give you: a trip that signs in today that has 30 hours of rest tonight (assuming you have more RES days after tomorrow), a 1 day trip, or a trip that flies today and deadheads you home tomorrow. I suppose they could also give you a 2 day trip if Saturday's FDP begins prior to 0400.

As I understand it, the key is getting 30 hours of rest in the previous 168 prior to the beginning of your FDP. This means you can exceed 30/168 during that FDP, as long as you were legal when you signed in.

SC assignments don't always make sense. My last SC began at 1400 and I turned into a 30/168 pumpkin at 1600. Last month they gave me 2 SC assignments in a row when I was already illegal due to 60/168 duty.
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