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Default ATP grad here

I just typed a long response and it got deleted

Here the gist:

My cost 0 time to CFII $70k
No international students (I think one or two locations maybe have them, but Iím not sure what the other guy was talking about with that)
Fast Progrm
Donít take a checkride unless youíre ready (you can buy more flights if needed. They canít force you to take a checkride)
They treat you like and employee (which can be good or bad depending on how you deal with authority)
Stay away from party people. Find a couple serious students to study with.
Unlimited access to the sim. Use it!
Study at least 4-5 hours a day.
Come in prepared. They give you all the information you need, study it. Donít waste your time or your instructors time.
If you donít think you have a good CFI, change instructors!
If you donít need the financing, you can get your ratings a lot cheaper elsewhere. However, expect it to take longer. ATP doesnít waste time.
I passed all my checkrides.
It is what you make it.
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