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Why wouldnít you like it?
Apart from working for a scumbag operator itís about the teaching, working with other people, being able to motivate and critique without being overbearing.
Think back to the best instructor youíve ever had and the worst.
Why were they the best or the worst?
Your commercial certificate allows you to work as a pilot.
How you fill this in is your prerogative.
In general every entry level job has its limitations and usefulness.

Letís take banner towing as itís the easiest to explain.
Banner towing is only good for Total Time. No cross country, no night, no IFR no approaches.
Stick and rudder skills maybe but Iíve never made a better aeronautical decision because I flew tailwheel.
So take a guess maybe 3-400 hrs and then itís served itís purpose and you need to start doing something else.

Iím not going to go though every job out there but letís take a look at flight instruction;
Total Time, night, XC, IFR, approaches and Multi Engine time (CFI,CFII,MEI)
and......CRM skills.
At some point your pilot skills will plateau and youíll just become an increasingly better instructor.
If you care about how you do your job that is. That point is probably around the 1000-1200 hr mark.
Now you just start doing more of the same without increasing the complexity or depth of what you do.

So back to your original question.
What will serve YOUR progression and skills as a pilot more?

Flight instruction.
Itís not about how fast you get there itís how well you develop your skills and this is not the same pace for everybody.
Being mediocre before moving to your next step and only doing that long enough that you barely qualify for the next and you have to hang on by your fingernails and nauseum.
Youíre not doing anybody any favors that way. Yourself included.

Used to know a guy chasing the dream.
Was a mediocre CFI, dinged an airplane with a student. Bailed on the flight school with no notice to chase a single engine turboprop job, got fired after three months ( he says he left though ) then he goes hopskipping through two Part 91 SIC jobs is now trotting around the airport as he ďflies a LearĒ.....

No you donít. You have a SIC type and never been sent to formal training and you wouldnít know wtf to do if the guy next to you keels over at FL450.

By now in the last 3 years heís had 5(!) jobs. Donít be that guy.
He just made himself ineligible for hire at most places. Theyíre just not going to take a dude like this serious.
Donít be that guy.

Take flight instruction as a very rewarding entry level job that needs to be taken serious.
CFII, MEI, 141 Check instructor, assistant Chief Flight instructor, all achievable in the first year.

Now THAT is going to get you noticed for your second job.
Excelling there will get you noticed for your third job.

Excelling there will get you noticed for your 4th job.

And the majors are a complete lottery.
Meeting or exceeding the requirements are by no means a guarantee for anything. Multi thousand hour pilots with 3-4 type ratings canít get the time of day.
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