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Originally Posted by theUpsideDown View Post
Pretty pathetic numbers for asa then, as its been near two decades since they took in Delta guys hu?

I think you mean well, but your optimism really isnt backed up by anything factual.
I already said I don't have total numbers, so just looking at current hiring numbers. You can try to spin it all you want.

I honestly don't know if you mean well with it, but when it comes down to it your pessimism isn't really based on anything factual. That fact that you spun what I said like you did when I was clear I did not have total numbers and was only talking about pilot movement since SSP start makes me wonder though.

You can take it how you want. The only guarantee is getting the interview, they treat you just like any other applicant once you're there, but they also don't hold anything against you for having it. You have to meet the same standards as everyone else. There are a lot of pilots out there who can't get an interview in the first place, you have to decide yourself what it is worth to you. While it's possible they may someday change their interview format, I do not think you will see a different interview for DGI vs OTS. You also will not see a flow, that they had too many problems with flow pilots was made quite clear.
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