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Originally Posted by DWC CAP10 USAF View Post
Yes I have; virtual roadshow webinar, Non-qual DC Video, Enhanced Retirement Video, DPSP Video.

I heard about Variable DB, "Modern" DB, Hybrid where did I hear 60% FAE DB was being explored.

They even stated "a traditional DB plan is not an attractive
savings option for employees or employers alike" in one of their bulletins.

I think i can say with 99.99% (repeating of course) certainty that a tradition pension is not coming back and those that think the 60% FAE DB is coming back are smoking dope!

And yes I have flown with a Capt that said he is a 100% "No" vote unless 60% FAE is restored, so they are out there.
Traditional pension (FAE...%) is for delusional dope smokers. It burned us once and will burn us again. I’ll give you my 100% “NO” if FAE is on the TA. It’s unrealistic and set me back a decade because of it. Times have changed. I hope we’ve learned and that these options are new and don’t rely on Delta having to fund accounts. I will only support and vote for a retirement option that’s fully and immediately funded, in my name and will fully and immediately transfer to my estate upon my death. Fully vested on day 1.

If not then it’s a big and vocal NO. If we didn’t learn through the force majeure and BK days then we’ve learned nothing.
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