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Originally Posted by ChilledPilot View Post
I do not understand what the whole fus about 170 is? Great to have order of new aircrafts, it's always a good sign, but to choose company based on the type they fly is crazy.(my opinion)
121 jet time is 121 jet time.
I personally came to xjt so I can fly with experienced captains on the type, not the guys trying to figure it out after flying it for 300-1000h in some cases.
For me that 170 award would probably not be a welcomed thing.
That's one smart pilot right there! I'd wager that a 170/190 type rating probably won't be of much use in this country anyways after AA and Jetblue dump their 190s if the majors/LCCs are someone's ultimate goal . . . overseas is a different story.

My apologies in advance for asking this question and derailing the thread a little . . . . which one of the XJT bases has the most experienced captains yet is junior enough on the FO side to be attainable right after initial training?
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