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Originally Posted by Gunfighter View Post
There are a few retirement options being explored. Some of them are tax advantaged others are not. Each option carries it's own unique risks, some are even dependent on the financial position of the company when it comes time to collect. There are a few options that may provide a bridge into retirement for those who had a pension stolen, but implementation of a retroactive FAE plan is unlikely at best.

At our income level and employment positions as high paid hourly employees, we bump up against the limits for any tax advantaged plan. It is either the financial limits set by the IRS or limits on control, because we are in a cockpit, not the boardroom. The reality is that we are responsible for our own retirement funding and anything above the IRS max will provide better returns for us if we are just given the money and allowed to invest on our own. The focus on C2019 should be company funded up to the 415C limits, which would be 20% with the current 56k contribution and 280k income limits. Above the 56k contribution limits should be paid in DPSP Cash.
Well said. This is exactly what Iíll be looking for.
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