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A brief search didn't turn up any info newer than 2015 or so, and I was wondering what to expect as a FedEx commuter, ideally from CID. I am intimately familiar with commuting in general, having done pax 121 commutes from a 25 minute drive, to a 3.5 hour drive, to a single leg high frequency flight to base, to a once a day odyssey halfway across the country, so I am looking more for how it is different on the cargo side. I keep hearing something about a commuting bank? Better to commute on FedEx and just get there a half day early than to try to airline? Any illumination would be appreciated! Thanks!

We have a 757 that you can jump on out of or into CID on weekdays . On the weekends if you need to get to MEM on us it may be tougher, since FedEx doesn't have a weekend flight to or from CID on Saturday afternoon or Sunday I think. However, in this case you can jumpseat on the pax airlines. As for the banks that is in regards to a trip that is built with a front end or back end deadhead. Those tickets that the company bought can be canceled and you can use that money to get a positive space seat to or from CID to start or end your trip. This can cut a day off the trip in multiple cases. That means you get to spend an extra day at home and get paid for that day at home.
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