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If you go the ATP route with that massive loan you could consider using your GI bill for an online degree (in anything) and use your BAH to pay down the loan quicker. Granted, if you didn’t have the loan you could use that BAH to help you funnel more money into your 401K or IRA while you live off your CFI wages (which is powerful even at age 27 due to compounding). Not to take the conversation off topic, but you stand a decent chance of exceeding the income limits to contribute to your IRA later in this career field, especially if your spouse will be working, so if you can sock away money in it early you will thank yourself later. Strapping yourself with a huge loan like that in a career field with no guarantees, which catches a cold every time the economy sneezes, could set you back financially more than you comprehend right now.

Whichever route you take, do plenty of research from sources that don’t have a vested interest in you choosing one over the other.
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