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Originally Posted by CheckWheelsDown View Post
Coast (San Marcos) isn't backlogged, but scheduling with an instructor to get any instruction done can be a lengthy process. Refer to the course matrix they sent you....instruction can drag, so the best advice I can give is to come with as many of your add-on's as you can manage while you're at home. CP just left and they don't have an in-house multi instructor yet. Basically, just go to Coast for your time building....250 hrs PIC, if you can swing it. They're still going to make you do the BFR/IPC no matter what....even if you had your last checkride yesterday. $4400 waste of time. Once that's done, you can smash out the rest of the time building as quickly as you want.
Iíve been flying with a bunch of RTP foís lately and they pretty much say the same thing as above.

Essentially Coast is basically an aircraft rental/short term lease company.
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