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Iím actually considering going back to HEMS ops as well. I made the switch to FW about 3.5yrs ago and am currently at Atlas on the 767. I enjoy the flying for the most part..itís kind of boring, but I enjoy the all weather ops vs just VFR in the helo.
I just donít like feeling like Iím living out of a suitcase for 17 days a month. That part wonít change no matter what airline I would be at.
The hard part for me is swallowing my pride and knowing that I if I go back to EMS, Iíll never see those big 200k/yr salaries. I can do 100k or slightly better though, and with the wife making 100k, I think we will be fine.
I just remember feeling like I had a lot more time off in EMS and really like being able to be at home at some point every day.
We want to have kids soon, and thatís another thing..I just donít know if I want to spend time away from home, especially while they are young.
Maybe Iím crazy, but I am starting to really lean toward having good QOL instead of chasing the dollar at the airlines??
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