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Originally Posted by Gundriver64 View Post
Actually, the reverse can be true. FAR more paperwork to revert to WO than say the paperwork associated with a direct commission. Assuming the person qualifies. The paperwork associated with constructive credit alone is a huge headache in itself. As a former Aviation career manager I once had an Air Force academy graduate guy who wanted to join the Reserves. He wanted to circumvent the constructive credit process for CW3 because he was a USAFA graduate. I explained to him that though I was impressed, the Army doesn't give a flying phukk and if you want to get promoted (eventually) to CW3 you have to get this stupid advance course completed.
RLO you need to attend OCS. Reverting to warrant is a paper work process.
But yeah, I had to redo the advanced course, because “the WO advanced course was different.”🙄 Someone took the armor advanced course, snapped aviation on it then WO branch and made it the WO advanced course. So I learned about the levels of MX for tanks. And where a corps smoke asset gets its resuply of smoke. And how an infantry team clears a trench. You know, useful stuff so I could help my BN CO when we deployed. 🙄
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